AULIA MOISTURISING LIPSTICK Aulia moisturizing lipstick is enriched with vitamin E which helps moisturize your lips
AULIA LONG LASTING MATTE LIPSTICK This lipstick produces maximum and perfect results with a matte finish that attracts the attention of others.
Aulia soothing bb cream Even out skin tone and cover the skin, or makeup that is less than perfect
esenses BB Cream lightweight formula and easily blends with skin color,
Aulia Beauty 2 Way Foundation comes in three shades to look perfect in front of the camera
Aulia waterproof eyeliner Aulia waterproof eyeliner emphasizes your eye lines with soft lines that are dramatic, fast and long-lasting
AULIA HAIR TREATMENT Help maintain dry, dull and damaged hair and also enriched with UV Protector
AULIA EAU DE PARFUM With durable exotic scents, leaving unforgettable impression
AULIA LOVELY BODY PERFUME With varieties of long-lasting exotic aroma, always leaving a captivating and unforgettable impression
AULIA VGIENIC CARE (DAILY) It contains Triclosan as anti bacterial to help maintain normal flora of Miss V.