Esenses Fabulous Touch Dual Intense Lip Tint 2 Functions in 1 product! Lip Gloss and Lip Tint in one package
ESENSES TRICKY COLOUR lipstick with an exotic black appearance that will magically turn into your favorite color
ESENSES FABOULUS TOUCH POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK Matte Lipstick with a powdery texture that feels light on the lips
ESENSES TWO WAY CAKE UV FOUNDATION 3in1 Practical and complete with 3 types of foundation to give natural look in day time or glamorous glitter at night time.
Esenses Skin Perfecting Cushion Refill Refill Esenses skin refill perfecting cushion already included with sponge
Esenses Perfect Micro Pencil easy to use and is able to perfect the shape of the eyebrows, complete with a small sponge for more perfect results
Esenses perfecting browset equipped with a small brush that is smooth, and is able to provide the perfect eyebrow shape
ESENSES COLOUR ME LIP Lipstick with gorgeous and elegant colour combination. Contain Vitamin E to help moisturize your lips
ESENSES TWO WAY CAKE SNAIL COLLAGEN enriched with snail extract and collagen
ESENSES EAU DE PARFUM Fresh andlong-lasting scents with Elegant and Charming bottles