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AULIA VGIENIC CARE (DAILY) It contains Triclosan as anti bacterial to help maintain normal flora of Miss V.
AULIA LULUR SUTERA naturally retain moisture, so the skin feels as smooth as silk.
AULIA MOISTURISING DAILY LOTION Enriched with active whitening ingredient to help brighten the skin
AULIA PERFUME BODY LOTION Non-greasy lotion for your skin's whitening agents
BFREE DEO ROLL ON Help reduce bad body odor and brighten underarm skin
FEM BODY CLEANSER Help moisture and pamper your body during shower and bath.
FEM NOURISHING BODY LOTION Lotion that feels light and soft, to help for the retain moisture skin care.
MONFINA SPA AROMATIC MOISTURISING BODY WASH Contain extra Moisturizer and Vitamin E to help nourishing skin
MONFINA BODY LOTION With refreshing fragrance, quickly absorbed and non-sticky
AULIA SHOWER MILK Enriched with antioxidant and vitamin E to moist your skin