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Esenses Fabulous Touch Dual Intense Lip Tint 2 Functions in 1 product! Lip Gloss and Lip Tint in one package
AULIA MOISTURISING LIPSTICK Aulia moisturizing lipstick is enriched with vitamin E which helps moisturize your lips
ESENSES TRICKY COLOUR lipstick with an exotic black appearance that will magically turn into your favorite color
AULIA LONG LASTING MATTE LIPSTICK This lipstick produces maximum and perfect results with a matte finish that attracts the attention of others.
ESENSES FABOULUS TOUCH POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK Matte Lipstick with a powdery texture that feels light on the lips
ESENSES COLOUR ME LIP Lipstick with gorgeous and elegant colour combination. Contain Vitamin E to help moisturize your lips
FEM COlOUR CHROMA BOOST A lipstick that moisturizes while it protects against free radicals and the sun
ESENSES MATTE ON ME LIP Esenses Matte On Me lips with a luxurious matte finish
FEM COLOR LIPCREAM Mild lip cream with matte finish on the lips
AULIA COLOUR LIP POUT Presented in a stick form makes it easier to use